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Polyurethane Tracking Disc

Poly Tracking Devices Poly Tracking Disc
Disc Tracker
Polyurethane Tracking Disc
MTD Disc Tracker MTD Disc Tracker
Conveyor Belt Disc Tracker
Tracking Disc

The Disc Tracker is a high performance economical means to track and align a wandering conveyor belt, suitable for most installations and applications.

Polyurethane Tracking Disc fits both flat and vee return rollers as well as troughing rollers. Ideally they are located in pairs prior to the tail pulley to help align the conveyor belt, and so eliminating spillage from tracking belts. They can also be installed after the feed area on the troughing sets to help keep the belt aligned.


  • Easy installation C the disc has a split on one side to slip over the roller
  • No need to remove the rollers
  • High wear resistant grade of polyurethane used
  • No damage to belt edges



To suit 100mm, 114mm, 127mm rollers.


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