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Urethane Spray Deflector Urethane Spray Deflector
Spray Deflector with Hardware Urethane Spray Deflector
Polyurethane Spray Deflector with Hardware
Polyurehtane Spray Deflector with Hardware

To Improve screen efficiency and material washing performance, install Urethane Spray Deflectors on screen spray bars. Urethane Spray Deflectors are developed for long service life in high wear applications.

  • Efficient Washing. Urethane Spray Deflectors spread water over a large area, improving wash efficiency while minimizing water use and plumbing requirements.
  • Extended Screen Life. Urethane Spray Deflectors spead stread stream impact across the screen, prolonging the life of costly screen media.
  • Long Lasting. Urethane Spray Deflectos are made of urethane wear material, speacilly formulated for high abrasion applications.
  • Simple Installation. U-bolt provides easy attachment on spray bars.
  • Comes Complete. Urethane Spray Deflectos are supplied with installation hardware.

Available Size£º 1-1/2" and 2"


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