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Urethane Drive Wheel
Urethane Drive Wheel Polyurethane Drive Wheels

KOSIN produces high friction urethane for your drive wheels with excellent abraison resistance, to ensure your machine will run at peak efficiencey with low maintenance cost.


  • Stocked in 80A Durometer – other durometer’s are available upon request.
  • Designed with 3 or 6 bolt mounting holes to fit various re-usable hubs on woodworking Moulders, Planers and Re-Saws like: Weining, Mattison, Baker, SCMI, Bridgewood, Extrema, Wadkin, Diehl and more.
  • Tires/Wheels can be used in other applications to drive various other materials beyond wood without marking or damaging.
  • Non-marking: Won’t mark pre-surfaced or pre-finished stock as does steel or rubber wheels.
  • Eliminates slippage: Excellent traction out performing steel wheels and they provide feed control for higher output.
  • Gone are Raised Grain Problems: The high-friction of the tire/wheel provides more traction with less pressure, eliminating the major cause of raised grain. This will increase the overall quality of the product
  • Economical to use: Tires/Wheel are easy and quick to change.

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