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Polyurethane Couplings Urethane Spider Coupling
Polyurethane Couplings Urethane Spider Coupling Insert
Polyurethane drive couplings for Shaft Coupler PU Insert Spider Cushion
Polyurethane Drive Couplings for Shaft Coupler PU Insert Spider Cushion
HRC Coupling 110 130 150 180

This coupling spider insert is made from Urethane and is for a coupling for a higher torque requirement than standard for a shaft-to-shaft connection. Urethane spiders are good choices when the application calls for greater torque in a confined space, or for resistance to atmospheric effects such as ozone, sunlight and hydrolysis in tropical conditions.

The coupling is the flexible and omocinetic coupling that assures the best performance in relation to the physical space occupied in its class. It has a very compact design and allows safe power transmission by absorbing peak loads and torsional vibrations. Moreover, the elastic design of the polyurethane gear ring compensates for angular and radial misalignments and also absorbs small shaft length variation.


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