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Polyurethane Round Belt Rough Surface Polyurethane?Round Belt

Polyurethane Round Belt Rough&Matt Surface

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Polyurethane V Belt Transmission belt Polyurethane Extruded V Belt
Polyurethane V Belt Transmission Belt  Polyurethane Extruded V Belt Drive Belt
Polyurethane TPU Supergrip Belt Polyurethane Pentagon Belt Drive Belt
Polyurethane TPU PU Supergrip Belt Solid Polyurethane PU Pentagon Belt Drive Belt
Polyurethane O Ring Belt Polyurethane Transmission Belt
Polyurethane O Ring Belt
Transmission Belt
Polyurethane Transmission Belt
Ceramic Industrial

Polyurethane Round Belt


We offer a complete line of Polyurethane Round belts for use in transmission industrial machines. And In the conveyance of products ranging from transport machine,conveyor machine to glass and tile. Round belts are available with smooth and rough surfaces. Also can welding belt to O-ring . supply the connecting tools & Accessories for polyurethane belts , include clamp ,the Electric Iron and Knife , Connecting methods is hotpress welding , overlap welding .

The very elastic and flexible material PU 85 A ~90 A is particularly suitable for lead in conveyors and vertical shafts .


  • Outstanding abrasion resistance 
  • High tensile and tear strength 
  • Resistance to oils, fuels,and oxygen 
  • Good weatherability and high impact resistance 
  • Low compression set



  • Newspaper conveying,
  • Packing machines,
  • Ceramic and stoneware processing plants,
  • Floor and roof tiles conveying,
  • Wood Working machineries,
  • Textile machines,
  • Paper industry machines,
  • Food grading machines, other food processing machines



Polyurethane Round Belt:
Diameter: 2MM, 3MM, 4MM, 5MM, 6MM, 7MM, 8MM, 9MM, 10MM, 12MM, 15MM, 18MM, 20MM, 22MM, 25MM

Polyurethane V Belt:
A 138
B 1711
C 2214
D 32
Y 64
M 85
Z 106

Polyurethane Supergrip Belt:
A 138
B 1711
C 2214

Polyurethane Pentagon Belt:
A 138
B 1711
C 2214
D 32
Y 64
M 85
Z 106


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